Taking Back Our Youth

Taking back our youth one day at a time.  

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Taking Back Our Youth is an up and coming youth resource center providing life resources to youth 12-19 years of age. At Taking Back Our Youth we want to help youth broaden their view of the world around them so that they can make positive changes in their behavior and lives. We believe that some of the trouble that today's youth are finding themselves getting in to is due to a lack of love, guidance, and positive influences. We believe that if they see people who are willing to help them no matter where they come from, or where they have been, that it may help to keep them from turning to the streets and getting into trouble.


At T.B.O.Y we will be assisting with educational needs such as assisting youth to get enrolled in school, after school tutoring programs, helping them obtain their High school diploma, or G.E.D as well as continuing on to higher education. Taking Back Our Youth will provide programs such as, financial literature, health and wellness, life skills, employment development, and other programs that will contribute to personal growth.


T.B.O.Y will assist youth in building healthy relationships with others by surrounding them with positive influences and through mentoring programs. We are putting together a scholarship program for those that have graduated high school and are enrolled in college to help with expenses.


We actively participate in community service events throughout the Bay Area. We show youth the importance of giving back and that using their time doing something positive actually feels good